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Who Are We?

Project:Creator is a Digital Media company with the goal of helping small content creators become huge icons of their platforms. Our team of industry experts and our extensive range of services have helped many channels become massive in just a handful of months. Our extensive range of partners in the industry also help you take your content to the next level.

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Helping Creators To Level Up By:

Content Analysis

Our team will analyse and provide a report on all your previous content, telling you how you can improve your content into the futur

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Our team can help you generate video ideas that suit your channel and your audience, Additionally, if you have an idea we can provide you with our best 5 titles that are best suited to the respective algorithm.

Pre-publish Analysis

We will analyse and report on a new video you have made before its publishing to provide you with insight into the videos retention, its estimated performance and how it could be improved before the final version

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Ongoing Feedback

Our Industry experts will continuously be analysing your channel and its community and providing tips on how to improve it into the future

Community Management

Our team can help you with tips on how to further engage and grow your community on your platforms. A stronger community is key to greater and ongoing success

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With our strong connections to many brands looking to sponsor up and coming channels, our team can help you to find paying brands that match you're content, Additionally our entrepreneurial team can help set up and run successful merchandise stores, websites, tours and more!

Short Form

Short form content is quickly dominating the market. Our team can bring you into this space by taking your long form videos and turning them into short form, engaging "ads" to drive views of your main video

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Our team can help take the weight off of your shoulders when planning larger videos. We can help organise shooting locations, collaborations, camera gear, production companies and more!

+ So Much More

Creators onboard with us can request any type of service form us they may need, and we can source the industry professionals needed to make it happen to the highest quality

Partnering With Brands That Skyrocket Your Potential

Project:Creator has an extensive range of partners in the industry help you elevate your content and brand.

Our Services

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Video Idea Generation

Title & thumbnail generation

Shorts Content

Video Performance analysis

video critiquing

video coordination

community managment



Merch + brand creation

production managment

We operate a little differently
Name Your Price

Tell us what services you would like us to provide for you, and then we will match your channel with one of our industry experts best suited for what you would like. Then, you can personally hire your matched expert to exclusively work on your channel full-time or part-time for either a negotiated fixed salary, or a percentage of channel revenue

And yes: No lock-in contracts, No catches.

You can decide that you don't want our services anymore at anytime, and that's it! There's no legally binding contracts, or catches that require you to continue using us or continue paying us

Your Journey Starts Here

Simply fill out the form below or shoot us an email at Our team usually responds within 1-2 business days. We look forward to working with you!

Contact Us

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🇺🇦  ©2022 Project Creator, Project Creator is part of Pigaboostin Media and Pigaboostin Group

Based in Sydney, Australia

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